Key Steps Gymnastics County Final

1st May 2018

Key Steps Gymnastics County Final

Five of our upper junior girls took a road trip on Tuesday to Abingdon Gymnastics Club, conveniently located in Berinsfield to compete in their first ever county final of the Key Steps Three gymnastics routine.

The disciplines consisted of a floor routine which included cartwheels, handstand to roll and crab positions. It also included a vault where the girls, using a springboard had to vault through the vaulting horse and land perfectly on the crash mat. The girls warmed up with the nine other schools they were competing against from all over the county. The girls then had two scoring attempts at their vault, each of the girls feeling that their first vault was their best. The floor routine then followed and again all of the girls gave their best and performed fantastically with excellent grace and poise.

As the team scores were read out the girls came in an admirable 5th place out of the 10 competing schools in their first ever attempt at counties.

Congratulations to Martha S, Aimee, Daisy, Alex and Iris for the way they competed and represented the school!