Young Play Leaders

At The Batt CE Primary School we are proud to have a Young Play Leader scheme.

This scheme promotes children's well being, skills, socialising, team work and demonstrates:






Play Leaders takes place at lunchtime. All children are able to join in with a range of activities, led by a team of Year 6 children.

The children have access to a range of equipment, such as, crossword, draughts, hoola hoops, skipping ropes, bean bags, catch pads, bats and balls. Also Connect Four and Jenga, Netball and Basketball.

Some of our popular activities that the children like to play are: • Obstacle courses • What’s the time Mr Wolf? • Stuck in the mud. • Tower Building • French Skipping • Dodge Ball • Pirate Ships

We encourage children to share resources and ideas with each other and promote independence through play, introducing new games, supporting children to play safely, reinforcing The Batt School’s core values of Friendship, Perseverance and Respect.

This year’s Play Leaders are: Jacob, Miriam, Martha H, Bethany, Teilo, Chloe, Alex T, Barney, Daisy, Leana, Theo S, Amie, Toby, Harvey, Molly, Ellie M, Martha S, Ariana, Adam and Leo.

These are our playleaders in action and the children in action!

Here is a quote from one of our new Play Leaders "I didn't fully understand why being a Play Leader was important until today.  I helped another pupil who was upset and he became happy and confident by the end.  It was great." - Martha S 12.10.17

Please encourage your children to come and join in the activities. It's great fun!!