Year Six Book Fair Takeover

6th March 2019

Year Six Book Fair Takeover 2019

For the last three weeks, the year sixes have relished and risen to the challenge of taking control of promoting and running the Scholastic Book Fair. This involved planning and preparing a range of resources – entrepreneurial skills were called into action.

To launch the Book Fair this year, the year sixes prepared a whole school assembly. The assembly was full of enthusiasm to promote the love of reading and they did this by reading out their book personification poems, an acrostic poem, reviewed the latest Tom Gate book, acted out an extract from Room In The Broom, launched a competition and wrote and performed an original Book Fair song! (The poems and song can be viewed in the videos below).

Pairs of children were allocated a range of books which were to be sold at the fair; they read and reviewed the books and on World Book Day, each pair visited their allocated class and read and engaged the children with the contents of the book (see pictures below). As a result of this, many children were seen buying these books at the Fair later that day! For the picture books, the children filmed themselves reading the story out loud and created a QR Code which has been stuck in the front cover of the books – the younger children love hearing the stories being brought to life through the year six readings.

There was also plenty of paperwork to be done – leaflets, letters and vouchers had to be collated and distributed and posters prepared and put up in prime positions. During the Book Fair, the children recorded which books were sold and handled all of the payments – quick mental maths was a necessity. They also talked to prospective buyers, recommending books and making sure that the shelves always looked appealing. One child took it upon themselves to go on to the playground and announce the Book Fair and its location (see pictures of the team in action at the Fair).

What a success it has been: The Book Fair takeover has given the year sixes a personal investment in the Fair, engaging them more with the reading and creating a real buzz for the whole school and the community. Boosting excitement and attendance at the book fair has certainly helped to earn even more free books for the school classrooms and library. All of the brilliant team have received certificates and a choice of book for all their tremendous efforts. Well Done Book Fair Takeover Team – your love and pleasure for reading has passed on to many more children in the school. That is what we call a result.