Year 6 to Steam Museum

3rd October 2017

Year 6 Evacuate School!


A mass evacuation saw both Year 6 classes leave the school and head to the STEAM Museum in Swindon to learn more about World War 2 and the impact it had on the lives of adults and children across the country. The children enjoyed 'cleaning', 'stoking' and 'driving' a magnificent old engine and learning about the important role the rail network played in transporting troops, supplies and evacuees across the country. We experienced an air raid, fortunately, from the safety of an air raid shelter and discovered how it must have felt being an evacuee, leaving our parents on the platform and catching a train to an unknown destination and living with a family we had never met before. We were extremely fortunate to meet Peter, a gentleman who was 5 at the outbreak of the war and who shared many stories about being at primary school during the second world war. Museum staff commended the children on their costumes and their behaviour and participation in the activities. Well done all!