Witney Partnership Tag Rugby 23rd March 16

Witney Partnership Tag Rugby Competition took place today. The B and C team competition, played in a round robin format, details as follows:-

B team:-

v Tower Hill B won 8-1
v OLOL B won 6-2
v Madley B won 7-3
v Batt C lost 4-2
v Madley C won 5-3

Plate trophy runners up

C team:-

v Madley C won 4-2
v Madley B won 5-2
v Tower Hill B won 6-3
v Batt B won 4-2
v OLOL B won 6-1

Plate trophy winners!

 A team competition

Group stage

v OLOL won 4-1
v Queen Emmas won 8-1
v The Blake won 5-3

Semi Final

v West Witney won 7-4


v The Blake won 7-4

Witney partnership champions for the 6th year in a row! They now qualify through to the West Oxfordshire finals on 20th April 2016.  Well Done to everyone taking part.