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Values at The Batt

At The Batt School, our Assemblies are known as Collective Worship.  This reflects the strong Christian character of our school. 

  The themes for Collective Worship are based on monthly values such as Wisdom, Perseverance and Respect.  These values, based on the document ‘Values for Life’, produced by the Diocese of Gloucester, are of a Christian nature and the stories, messages, poems etc that are shared during our worship reflect these Christian values.  

On Mondays, Collective Worship is led either by the Headteacher or a member of the clergy from St Mary’s Church.  A weekly question is posed and the classes are given time to reflect on this during the week.  This is often referred to during the celebration worship on Fridays.

Core Christian Values

The Batt recently asked pupils, staff, parents and families what they would like our core values to be, along with asking for feedback and ideas on how to improve our values education and Christian character. The children and staff discussed the values in classes over a week or so and chose their three core values. Parents were then also asked for their choices and it was interesting to see the similarities in terms of choices of core values. The school decided to select the children’s top choice, Friendship, particularly as this appeared in the staff and parents’ top 4 selections, and their second choice, Perseverance , which also figured highly on the staff’s choices. They then chose Respect as the third core value as this received the most votes from parents and staff.

The three core values for The Batt School are FRIENDSHIP, PERSEVERANCE and RESPECT and there are displays around the school to celebrate the new core values and remind the children about them during their time here.

 There are displays of the monthly value in the hall and in one of the corridors leading to the hall.  These displays include photographs of the children involved in the value, quotes and photographs of famous people, and extracts from The Bible.

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