All pupils wear the school uniform to help give them a sense of belonging and pride in their school.  Uniform also prevents rivalry between those who can, and those who cannot, afford the latest Paris fashions!  Virtually all the uniform is available at local clothes shops.

BOYS  White or grey shirt
Grey trousers (not jeans)
Navy blue V-neck jumper (available from school shop)
School tie (available from school)
Black school-type shoes (not trainers)
Socks (blue, black, white or grey)

Summer: Grey shorts
Plain white short sleeved shirt

GIRLS White blouse
Grey skirt or Tailored grey trousers with navy or grey socks
Tights or socks in navy, grey or white
Navy blue jumper or cardigan (available from school shop)
School tie (available from school)
Black school-type shoes (not trainers)

Summer: Blue & white checked/striped dress
Socks or tights as above
Black shoes or navy blue/brown or white sandals
(Sandals should be enclosed front and rear i.e. no
sling-backs please)

With regard to other items of wear in school, such as shoes or hairbands, please be guided by two principles: (1) Is it safe?  (2) Does it fit in with the rest of the uniform?  For example, lime green hairbands do nothing to enhance the uniform!  Thank you for bearing these factors in mind.


Shorts : Blue / Black / White
T Shirt : Plain white
Plimsolls & plimsoll bag
Tracksuit trousers or leggings and sweatshirt in the school colours for winter.

Please make sure all items of uniform and P.E. equipment are clearly labelled. In addition to the clothing listed above, it is important that each child has an old shirt or apron for art or messy activities.  For swimming each child will need a costume and hat.

If you require any uniform, please contact the school office and they will take your order and payment and this will be returned to you within 24 hours via your child’s class. Thank you for your co-operation and we hope that this does not cause you unnecessary inconvenience. There is a school uniform order form below with details on how you can pay for any purchases.