September 2019

What does ‘Reading’ at The Batt School look like 2019/20?

September summary

  • Celebrated ‘Roald Dahl Day’ by revisiting and exciting children with the author’s books.

  • A selection of books donated to the school by ex-year six pupil, Caspar W, were presented to 6PH and 6PJ (blurbs read and first paragraphs and theme of stories shared and discussed to enthuse).

  • Selection of book reviews recorded and printed off and shared.

  • Successful year six trip to Witney Library on Wednesday afternoon which included ‘Speed Dating for Books’ and time to choose and take out books (each class has a class ticket).

  • The Batt School WON The Scholastic Book Fair Takeover (1000s of schools entered across the UK). The school will be presented with £500 worth of books and a trophy.

  • Reading Ambassadors have created a video to share ideas on how reading for pleasure can be promoted in the school, with a focus on ‘reading spaces’.

  • Aware that we have a number of children with a diagnosis of dyslexia in addition to those currently displaying dyslexic tendencies but as yet undiagnosed, we are reviewing the provision for these children. We are keen that they are encouraged and equipped to develop a love of reading along with the rest of the school. We have persuaded a retired teacher, with 30 years’ experience of working with dyslexic children and former head of a specialist dyslexic unit to visit the school every week and work with these children. He has met with our SENDCO to discuss provision and strategies, will read with the children each week and offer support and advice on an individual basis.

Upcoming events

Both year three classes are booked in to visit Witney Library in the next couple of weeks and the rest of the school will book in dates for this term (Reception and Year One classes to invite parents to join their children on the visit).

Curriculum evening for parents will include how to support and enthuse reading at home (information will include a list of suggested books for each year group and a questionnaire given to parents to find out what is working at home and what parents would like support with).

Scholastic Book Fair to visit school at the beginning of October. Reading Ambassadors will share books with their peers and younger years (very successful in last academic year’s Book Fair Takeover).

English leads to share Action Plans with all staff and ask teachers to look and decide on Cultural Capital texts to use in different year groups. English leads to monitor and help with ‘reading spaces’.