Science Week 2019

From 11th to 15th March it is National Science week.  To celebrate, we will be taking part in lots of fun activities, which will be delivered by an exciting variety of special guests, from the Cotswold Wildlife Park to Chipping Norton Astronomy Club.
Updates will be available on this page daily throughout the week.
Science Week - Finale
After attending the astronomy event on Friday evening, Sam and Alicia were inspired to create a fantastic booklet based on what they learnt.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us!
Science Week - Friday Evening

Stargazing at The Batt

A wonderful week of science ended on a high with an evening talk by Robin from the Chipping Norton Astronomy Club. Initially, heavy cloud cover prevented any looking at the night sky but Robin entertained a packed hall with a fascinating talk about our galaxy, galaxies beyond, the solar system and the possibility that there may have been life of Mars. Right at the very end, just as we were packing up, there was a gap in the cloud. Sonia and Robin wasted no time in setting up their telescopes and we were able to observe a crater on the moon’s surface. It looked small but as Robin explained, the width of the crater was equivalent to the distance from Witney to London. Robin has promised to return, on a clear night, in the Autumn with a selection of telescopes. Robin left a number of stargazing guides for the children, these are available in the reception area.


Science Week - Friday
Year 6 welcomed Mr Steve Pollard, an RAF test pilot and dad to Tom and Juliet.  Mr Pollard talked about aerodynamics and jet propulsion. He was impressed with the children’s knowledge of Sir Isaac Newton’s three laws and demonstrated how they are harnessed, resulting in flight. Alfie, dressed in full pilots uniform and flight helmet, was a brave guinea pig as a balloon flew towards him at great speed. The children were fascinated and asked lots of terrific questions.
‘That was really awesome’

‘It was airtastic!’

‘I loved it when Mr Pollard sent the balloon flying at Afie!’

Year 1 received a visit from Steve Jones, an Antarctic Explorer.  The children were thrilled to hear about Steve's experiences and learnt about the geography and science involved in organising a successful Antarctic expedition.  The children then explored the properties of ice. 
'It was brilliant, water makes ice and it was really cold'
'I'm going to be an explorer when I grow up'


Science Week - Thursday

On Thursday, RD were lucky to have two scientists in, Sonia Gooderham and Ben Sheppard from 6PJ. They used some of their new equipment and investigated what happens when you mix lemon and bicarbonate of soda, with some exciting results! 

In the afternoon, we had a scientist visit Year 5 to explain the importance of hygiene in the prevention of spreading bacteria. They had a lot of fun making pompoms and sock puppets to represent the pathogens and viruses.

Science Week - Wednesday

This morning began with years 3 and 4 in the hall for a STEM event run by Abbott, they took part in a range of activities including: trying to put a stick through a balloon without popping it, creating a structure using marshmallows and spaghetti, launching catapults accurately and making their own helicopters. It was a very enjoyable event!


In the afternoon year 4 were lucky to have a scientist in to help them make rockets. He brought in some interesting equipment, some of which was worth over one million pounds! They then created their own rockets and launched them on the playground , it was a bit of a battle with the wind as the rockets could launch over 30 metres into the air! 

‘I learned that giraffes have pointy bits on their skull’

Year 2 St. Mary’s

Science Week - Tuesday

Year 2 have enjoyed a terrific morning of science. First, we were delighted to welcome the Year 2 children from St. Mary’s  and then together we listened as Nicolette, from Cotswold Wildlife Park, taught us about conservation and how important it is for us to protect our natural environment and all the different species that call it home. The children were able to explore a range of artefacts including; a giraffe’s skull, an orca tooth and the skin of a boa constrictor. Nicolette was super at helping us to understand some quite complex subjects and we definitely made some new friends from St. Mary’s.


‘People should not buy things that endangered animals have been killed for.’

Year 2 The Batt

‘It was brilliant , I want to conserve animals.’

Year 2 The Batt

Science Week - Monday

Science Week got off to a fiery start with a special assembly this morning led by Miss Cooper (Science Coordinator) and Mrs Gooderham, parent and biologist. The highlights, without doubt, were the waterproofed tissue throwing and the fireballs created using sugar, a pump and a candle.

The children will be enjoying a week of visitors from the world of science and this afternoon we welcomed Dave from Jaguar Landrover and Molly from the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre. Whilst Year 5 enjoyed learning about the design and engineering that goes into creating bicycles, mopeds and motorbikes, Year 6 performed keyhole knee surgery and stitched wounds. Enjoy the pictures and please return each day to see what new scientific discoveries have been made.


Year 5: "I really enjoyed looking at the different types of bikes, especially when we saw them demonstrated outside!"

Year 6: "It was cool to experience what real surgeons do"

"I liked seeing how surgery has moved on, they used to cut knees open and now they use key hole surgery"