School Rules

School Rules

We have very few rules, but those that we do have are designed to benefit the school as a whole, or to prevent individual children from coming to harm.

We walk in school

We keep our classrooms and cloakrooms tidy

We are always polite

We look after each other

We look after our school environment


Good discipline is essential to support the general ethos of the school, to ensure that everyone feels safe and happy and to establish a positive atmosphere for learning.  Generally, discipline and behavioural difficulties are sorted out by fairly informal talks.  It is important that the children understand what are, and are not, acceptable forms of behaviour.  However, if anti-social behaviour is repeated, or puts others physically at risk, sanctions are imposed, beginning with the loss of a playtime.

House points are awarded throughout the school for good behaviour as well as good work. A variety of certificates are also awarded by members of staff for good behaviour and good work.  Year 6 pupils may award certificates for good behaviour observed during any of their duties.  We also award 'Golden Certificates' for extra special achievements in a wide and varied range of areas.

Corporal punishment is NOT used.  In any cases causing us particular concern, parents are always consulted and we involve them in the solutions to be taken.

Copies of the Behaviour Policy and Anti-bullying Policy are available from the office.

Sorting Out Problems

If your child has a problem at school, it is always best to sort it out promptly.  Please don't let it linger and cause further distress.

The teachers are happy to see you after school any day, except Tuesday, or have a quick word in the morning, before 8.50am to sort out a time which will be mutually convenient for you to meet and talk over the problem. You may feel that you need to talk to the Headteacher.  If so, please call in straight away and he will either see you then or arrange a time as soon as possible.