School Council

Members of the School Council 2020/21
Sienna, Jake, Blake, Isabella, Charlie, Winnie, Aaron, Betsy, Louix, Ayana, Emily, Lola, Kenzie, Sam, Cora, Tyla-Rose, Frankie, Simone and Alex


It is a Batt School tradition for Year 6 school councillors to lay a wreath of poppies on the war memorial in town on behalf of the Batt School family. This year was slightly different as the children decided they would like offer the beautiful stone art that they had produced with Mrs Moss. The results were stunning and a fitting tribute at this time of remembrance.

We Make a Difference 

With the help of resources from the Houses of Parliament, the School Council have been exploring British Values and the role of Parliament in our democracy. Mrs Holme talked about the history of Parliament and then the children took turns to be the speaker of the House of Commons to ensure we had ‘Order! Order!’

We are very proud that the work of the School Council has been recognised with a We Made a Difference badge.

UK Parliament Week 2019


The school council had a special meeting today to mark the start of UK Parliament Week. As well as decorating the reception area with posters, bunting and a miniature ballot box, the children discussed the role of Parliament and prepared for a special assembly on Wednesday.


As part of their work for Parliament Week, the children created an e-petition calling for an end to the use of plastic cutlery and straws in schools. The petition was created just a week ago and already has over 1500 signatures! You can sign and share the petition by visiting

UK Parliament Week


You may recall that the school council debated then drafted a petition to Parliament calling for a ban on plastic cutlery and straws in schools. In less than two weeks the petition was signed by 1,930 people, 178 people in Witney and the rest from across the UK – take a look at the coverage map. Petitions to Parliament stay online for 6 months and those receiving 10,000 signatures are responded to by the government of the day.

Unfortunately, the general election has resulted in all petitions closing early which is disappointing. However, the children will launch their petition again in January at the start of the new Parliament. We have had lots of interest in the petition and today Daniel, Jasmine, Ethan and Charlotte were interviewed by That’s TV Oxfordshire News. I will let you know when this will be broadcast.

This was all part of the children’s work for UK Parliament Week and the school council would like to thank everyone who signed their petition.


The school council have been listening to their classmates and decided that their first objective would be to stop the use of plastic cutlery at lunchtimes (this currently happens with the pudding option on a Friday). The children, quite rightly, pointed out that single use plastic cutlery is both wasteful and damaging to the environment. We are delighted that the kitchen staff have agreed to this and will cease to use this type of cutlery from next term. Inspired by this success, Daniel and Spencer, Year 6 school councillors, have lodged an e-petition via the UK Parliament website. The petition has received the required support to take it to the next stage and we are confident it will be on the UK Parliament website from next week. Should the petition, The Batt School council would like single use plastic cutlery and straws banned from UK schools, receive 10 000 likes it will be mentioned in Parliament and in the event of it receiving 100 000 likes it will be debated in the House of Commons. The children will have opportunities to learn more about the workings of the UK parliament after half term during UK Parliament Week.


S.T.O.P - Anti-bullying Week


This week, as part of Anti-bullying week, the school council met to discuss our new S.T.O.P (Several Times On Purpose) posters and how they could help other children in school. They discussed the difference between bullying and a disagreement or angry outburst and came up with different strategies to cope or help others. They will take this information back to their classes and discuss further.


The council was pleased with recent changes to the lunch menu.

Meat- Free Mondays

The School Council has voted to have Meat-Free Mondays on our lunch menu. 

This was an idea put forward by a group of Year Six children and the Year 6 school councillors proposed the idea at the last full council meeting. The children considered a number of factors, including: healthy diets, the environmental impact of meat production and animal welfare. The proposal was passed unanimously.

Meat-Free Mondays will start in Term 2.

The Speaker of the House of Commons has recognised the wonderful work of last year's school council with a lovely certificate, proudly displayed by Chloe, Ari and Miri. The certificate acknowledges the children's achievements in becoming the first Dementia Friendly school in Witney and winning the Bronze Eco-school Award.  

5th July 2017

Well done School Council

We are delighted that our school council has been recognised for all the hard work the children have done to make our school more environmentally responsible. It was the council who set themselves the target of forming an Eco Council and meeting the criteria for the School Council Eco Award (you may have noticed the Eco Council display at the front of the school. They did it and we recently received the Bronze Award. Plans are afoot to reach Silver next year. Well done everyone.