Safety Issues

Teachers are on duty in school from 8.40am onwards. Any child arriving before then does so entirely at his or her own risk. School doors are opened for the children by 8.50am unless the weather is very bad, in which case children come in earlier and are supervised in the hall.

School should be notified of absences by letter or telephone.

It is VITAL that school is kept informed of any changes to parents’ addresses and phone numbers as soon as possible.

Parents are always notified of school trips. Any trips out of school require parental permission.

Parents are asked not to bring cars through the school gates except after school hours and with prior arrangement. Parents who help in the school are welcome to use the school staff car park.

The Environmental Protection Act includes a ruling which requires that educational premises be clean of litter and animal soiling. To help us comply with this, parents should keep their dogs out of the school grounds.

Safeguarding of Pupils

The Batt C of E Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and takes this responsibility very seriously. Improvements to safeguarding have been rapid over recent years and schools now give a high priority to getting their safeguarding procedures right. The designated senior person for Child Protection in this school is Mr Chris Payne, along with the deputies Mrs Sharon Bark, Mr Mark Peacey and Mr Dominic Baker. There are copies of the Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy, along with other related policies available from the school office. The school also offers safeguarding generalist training for governors, staff and volunteers.

Medical Matters

Whilst being fully committed to caring for the health and welfare of our pupils, our Governors are also responsible for the safety of our children. As a general rule, therefore, medicines are not allowed to be brought into school. Most short term medicines (including antibiotics) can be given at home, outside school hours. Alternatively, parents are welcome to bring in the medicine, and give signed consent, for the school to administer to their child at the appropriate time. The Governors ask for the co-operation of parents with this.  Children with asthma should bring inhalers to school with them. These must be clearly labelled with the child’s name (the actual inhaler, not just the box) and be kept with the child at all times.

We have members of staff who are qualified in first aid, so cuts, grazes and other minor injuries should not cause undue worry. However, in such matters we are very dependent on your co-operation; it is essential that you keep us informed of your doctor’s name and telephone number, and your own work and home phone numbers, so that we can notify you as quickly as possible should there be any medical problem with your child. If these vital contact details change, please let us know.

If your child is off sick, or indeed is off for any reason, please either phone the school, email, or send a note to explain the reason for the absence. As well as keeping us abreast of medical conditions or holiday plans, this is an essential safeguard against truancy. If you feel that there are good reasons, on health grounds, for your child to miss P.E., or games or swimming, please send a note to school informing the class teacher of these reasons.