Real Life Maths

17th January 2020

Real Life Maths

Why Maths Matters


It is important that the children know why they are learning about maths and its place in the real world. We were delighted to welcome cartographer Sam Bark to talk to the children about his job and the amazing things that cartographers are now able to do and the crucial role cartography plays in our modern world. Sam explained that his clients are varied and he has produced interactive maps for McDonalds, allowing customers to find their closest branch as well as producing maps that have enabled relief and rescue teams to safely and effectively reach disaster zones. The children were amazed by these interactive maps, a favourite being the ‘Fly Through’ map of the Tour de France.


Sam talked to the children about his experience of maths at primary school, explaining that is was not his favourite subject and that he felt he was not very good at it. Thankfully, he persevered and is only able to enjoy his exciting job because of maths. This was an great experience for the children and we hope it inspires them to work hard at their maths, knowing that one day it might help them to enjoy a job as interesting and important as Sam’s.


Sam was the latest in a number of visitors who have talked to the children about their maths in school and their future careers. Others have included doctors, physicists, firemen and firewomen and engineers.