PE Activities

Short Burst Activities:- - A few videos that the children enjoy in the free section
YouTube: Search "Just Dance" This will link to many copy based dance movements that children do take part in school currently
YouTube: Search " Joe Wicks 5 minute classroom" This includes many workouts that suit KS1 and 2 - You can sign up to a free trial on this website

Longer activities: - This is a 35 minute workout that most of the children have done in school. It is low impact and can be enjoyed by the whole family. It is run by "The Body Project" which do have many other fitness videos too. - There are many games that the whole family can take part in. You do not have to subscribe in order to access some of these. - Full of activities from 10 minute shake up through to games. Also has recipes to enjoy making with the kids Incorporates active learning alongside maths and literacy - Many fun family based active games
You can also do the simple things like a game of catch or wall ball in the garden with your children. Even games such as tag or 40/40 in are other ways to get active and break up the day. 
You can also get your child to make their own circuit for the family to try.

Dominic Baker
Sports Coach
The Batt C of E School