October 2019

What does ‘Reading’ at The Batt School look like 2019/20?

October summary

  • Curriculum evening for parents held in September to support and enthuse reading at home (information included a list of suggested books for each year group and a questionnaire given to parents to find out what is working at home and what parents would like support with).

  • First WHOLE SCHOOL READ took place on Wednesday 9th October – a lovely atmosphere for reading was created with ALL STAFF involved, e.g. Mrs Bark read her kindle in 6PJ.

  • A very successful Scholastic Book Fair, taking over £1000 with £600 of this being given back to the school. To add to this, £500 (from winning Book Fair Takeover) has been presented to the school.

  • Year five shared books with the rest of the school to promote the books on sale at the book fair.

  • All PPG children were given a book of their choice at the book fair. One year six boy commented, “Last year, I also chose a book and I loved it so I read the trilogy!”

  • Staff are sharing outstanding practice with the English leads and each other, e.g. Year 4 sharing their stories with Year 2 (see pic collage); Year 6 TAs commented that their pleasure for reading group children are very enthusiastic and itching to share their book every day. A space with post it notes have been put up in the staffroom for all successes to be recorded.

  • A culture is developing whereby all children and staff are talking about vocabulary. High quality vocabulary is being talked about throughout the school and this was particularly evidenced in year 4.

  • English leads shared the Reading Action Plan with whole staff and a list of cultural capital books were given out for staff to highlight which books they are currently using in the curriculum and which books they would like to use.

  • English leads met with Marilyn Trigg on Wednesday 9th October to discuss ‘Reading’. Action points will be taken from this.


  • Successful year three trips to Witney Library on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons which included ‘Speed Dating for Books’ and time to choose and take out books (each class has a class ticket).

  • A selection of books donated to the school by ex-year six pupil, Caspar W, were presented to 6PH and 6PJ (blurbs read and first paragraphs and theme of stories shared and discussed to enthuse).

  • Selection of book reviews recorded and printed off and shared.



Upcoming events and actions

  • Year sixes of 2019, who were part of The Book Fair Takeover Team, have been invited into The Batt School on Wednesday 23rd October for the trophy and cheque presentation which Jo Fisher will lead on behalf of Scholastic.

  • English leads to discuss with staff the best way to spend £1100 from Scholastic, e.g. cultural capital books.

  • English leads to action points which were raised in the meeting with Marilyn Trigg (e.g. phonics training for all new staff).

English leads have put forward an idea with school, PTA and Scholastic (School reading vending machine).