Number Day

7th February 2020

Number Day

We done to all the children and staff for a superb effort dressing up for digits to celebrate NSPCC Number Day. It was lovely to see fun and real life maths activities being enjoyed throughout the school and to hear the children thinking and talking about maths beyond the curriculum.

‘I made my costume with my mum, we used numbers from the 6 times table’ Year 3 child

Mr Payne’s Friday assembly had a number theme and the children enjoyed seeing how others had dressed up and taking part in the special quiz.

‘I understand how to divide fractions now, I couldn’t do it yesterday, I feel brilliant!’ Year 5 child

Mr Payne also introduced the Million Square, a board with one million dots on it! A group of Year 6 children took the board on a tour of the school and made sure that everyone had the chance to see what 1000000 looks like and, if they wanted to, check that there were one million dots.

‘The million board was amazing, I thought there were thousands of dots, we were taught how to work out how many there were without having to count them all, there were  one million!’ Year 4 child

Some of the older children had the opportunity to talk about how they will use maths when they are older and how maths will help them with jobs and looking after their money. Our Year 5 children will soon enjoy Money Sense lessons when we welcome visitors from NatWest Bank.

‘I am always going to need maths, I want to be a doctor and that needs maths, I also want to know how to save money and what a mortgage is’

‘You need maths to do most jobs’

‘When you go shopping, if you don’t know maths, it will be tricky’ Year 6 children

Some of the younger children went on a tour of the school and looked for different ways that numbers appear and are used, they were amazed to discover that numbers are everywhere and used every single day by all the adults.

‘I love numbers they are fun!’ Reception child

Thank you to everyone who helped make Number Day such a success and for being so generous and helping us to raise just over £250 for the NSPCC.