The History of the School

Our school is named after the Batt family who founded it.  The Batts were a family of doctors and surgeons who lived in Witney and worshipped at St. Mary’s Church from the 18th century onwards.  The family founded The Batt Trust which gave the land for our school to be built in 1928.

Originally the school opened as a four class secondary school and then combined with the Methodist School to become Wood Green Secondary Modern School situated to east of the town in 1953.  At that point, The Batt School became a Junior school and then opened its doors to Infant aged children in the 1980s.

There is a combination of building styles: the earlier part having been built in the 1920s, a second and larger section being added in the 1960s, a further addition being erected in Autumn 1997, further developments including the library, a new classroom and ICT suite completed in September 2005, the kitchen and hall extension in 2009 and most recently, improvements to the front of the school in 2012.

We benefit from beautiful tree-lined grounds, which are owned by the Trustees and are used for the children’s benefit. The whole site is just two minutes walk away from the centre of the town.