Fire Fire! Year 2 Trip to London

6th October 2016
Fire! Fire!
2PW have chosen a good year to learn about the Great Fire of London. 350 years and one month after the fire destroyed 80% of the buildings in London they braved a coach journey to the capital, visited the tomb of Sir Christopher Wren in the crypt of St Paul's Cathedral and went on to enjoy the Fire Fire exhibition at the Museum of London.
The children were amazed at the size of the fire hooks that had been used to pull buildings down to create fire breaks and enjoyed dressing up in period costume.  A huge video wall gave a realistic impression of a city engulfed by fire and a giant loaf of bread chronicled the spread of the fire from the unfortunate Thomas Farriner's oven.
The journey home was enlivened with a sight seeing tour of the capital allowing the children to see the London Eye, the Palace of Westminster, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. The children were fantastic throughout.