Election 2PW

8th June 2017

The votes have been cast!

A very important vote took place yesterday. Voters in 2PW went to the polls in the Year 2 General Election. The children formed parties and created manifestos, each party offering voters a choice of three ideas to make our school even better. Ideas included  the introduction of a zip-wire, hot dogs on Fridays, a buffet system for lunches, new games for wet play and a set of monkey bars on the trim trail. Manifestos decided, the parties then created rosettes and prepared speeches for their leaders to deliver on the Year 2 hustings. Having listened to the debate the children then received their ballot papers and placed their voting slip in the ballot box. The results were counted by an independent adjudicator. This fun afternoon allowed the children to explore the concept of democracy and the importance of listening to and respecting the views of others, even if we do not agree with them. The whole campaign and voting process were conducted in a lovely manner and the children could recognise that there was merit in the ideas of the other parties.