Climate Week

1st October 2019

Climate Week

Inspired by Greta Thunberg and Climate Week, our children have been thinking about how our actions are affecting the future of our planet and in particular climate change. There have been some very knowledgeable and authoritative discussions within class and it is gratifying to know that our young children speak with such commitment to make changes to the way in which we care for our world. We were very lucky to have Mr Ripley, who works for an environmental company, talking to the children in Collective Worship last week about climate change. Some of the children planted four more trees in our school grounds.

Here are a few quotes from our children:

‘Environmentally, our planet is in serious trouble. I think that it is important for everyone at our school to learn how to protect the planet;’

‘We must act fast though, because if we don’t make a difference now it will be too late;’

‘In Geography, we should learn about the melting ice caps and deforestation, it is our generation that will live with the consequences.’