We have approximately 325 children divided into 11 classes. There are three Infant classes, four Lower Junior classes and four Upper Junior classes. We keep our infant (Key Stage 1) class sizes at 30 or below and endeavour to do the same for Key Stage 2.

These are:

RAW  Miss Adams/Mrs Wilson
1M     Ms Mills
2D     Mrs Dunstan

3M    Mrs McGuire
3CW Mrs Clarke/Mrs Webster
4EW Miss Elam/Mrs Wilson
4D    Miss Doughton
5W   Mrs Woodage
5H    Mrs Henderson
6PJ   Mrs Jones and Mr Peacey
6PH   Mrs Payne and Mrs Hanson


Secondary Schools

Virtually all our children go on to one of the two secondary schools in the town, namely Wood Green and Henry Box. Both are comprehensive schools which enjoy a good reputation. Details are available from the schools or through our office.