Class RD

Term 1 in RD

We are delighted with how well the children have settled into their new class. They are beginning to make new friendships, understand class and school rules and are becoming more independent in getting their things for themselves.


We have had great fun digging up,our vegetable patch and making three different soups.

We have been learning  about our School Core Values and in RD we never give up! We like to be like Toby the Tryatops and try and try and never give up!

We are learning about our Marvellous Me and are learning about our families.

We like to go with the children’s interests, so this week we have been learning about Pirates as some children showed an interest in their child initiated play last week.

The children love to decide what they would like to learn about.

We will be inviting parents to watch a Phonics and Maths session over the next 2 terms. 


We ar looking forward to joining the rest of the school for Harvest Festival where we will be sharing our work about plastic and the environment.


It’s great fun in RD and we are getting very good at becoming independent learners!

Characteristics of Learning

In the booklet you were given at Parents’ Evening, it talked about the characteristics of how children learn. I would like to involve the children in this and get them to think about what motivates them and how they learn. To make this fun, I have introduced dinosaurs which they can match themselves to. There will be cards in the classroom explaining these. Your child may come home with a sticker or a sticker may be stuck in their Learning Journal to show their individual characteristics.

Here is a summary of the different characteristics

Playing and Exploring


“I explore everything around me.”


 “I ask questions and find things out.”

 Active Learning


“I try my best and never give up.”


 “I stick at tasks and persevere.”

 Creating and Thinking Critically


 “I work hard to solve problems.”


“I think carefully about what I learn.”


“I share my ideas and resources.”

Our ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’ Achievosaurs

What are the ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’?

They run through and underpin the seven areas of learning and development, as detailed in the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage Framework’ (2014). They describe learning processes that occur throughout every day activities and experiences. They also support the child to remain an effective and motivated learner.

What are the Achievosaurs?

There are seven Achievosaurs altogether, each linking to an aspect of the characteristics. They enable children to become more aware of how they learn, and give them language to explain the skills they use when learning.

I am sure the children will really enjoy telling you all about our Achievosaurs!!