Class 6PJ

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Welcome to 6PJ!

We are sure that the Year Sixes are looking forward to being the oldest and wisest in the school and are ready to make the most of their final year at The Batt.

They are already taking on jobs and responsibilities around the school, helping younger children and setting a good example. Some Year Sixes will be trained to help in the school office at lunchtimes, answering the telephone and taking messages, and others will have a chance to be ‘Tour Guides’ showing parents of prospective pupils around the school. They will also be looking after the Infants as they walk to the church for our Harvest Festival.

We have two up and coming trips: One to St Mary’s Church; the other an exciting trip to Oxford Fire Station for Young Citizens. Later in the term, they will be visiting ‘Steam’ in Swindon as part of the history topic on World War 11. A variety of hands-on workshops will give the children more of an understanding of what it was like to be a wartime child e.g. sitting in an air raid shelter during a night time raid while learning how people passed the time and pretending to be evacuees arriving at a train station.

We hope that the class timetable is useful which shows when homework is given out and expected in – each child will also have a printed copy to refer to at home.

Already this term in science, the class have been enthusiastically investigating the topic of Light. Each lesson starts with the BIG QUESTION where the class investigate and explore through the process of MODELLING. For example, when the class were given the big question of ‘How do we see?’ they were given a torch, shoebox and scissors to create a model to demonstrate the answer to this question. Their explanations were recorded by the children in an app called SEESAW.

SEESAW is an app which allows the children to take ownership of their learning and to reflect on their progress over time as they record their learning for an audience. The children enjoy showing off their learning by videoing their successes: They find it a great tool which enables them to articulate and model their work which supports their written work. As a parent, you will be able to view their work by scanning the QR code in their books which you are always welcome to come in and do – parents evening is an ideal opportunity.

More news and photographs soon! In the meantime, we are looking forward to making sure our class gets off to a flying start in Year 6.