Class 6PJ

Welcome to 6PJ!

We are sure that the Year Sixes are enjoying being the oldest and wisest in the school and are ready to make the most of their final year at The Batt. 

When the time is right, they will be taking on jobs and responsibilities around the school, helping younger children and setting a good example. Some Year Sixes will be trained to help in the school office at lunchtimes, answering the telephone and taking messages, and others will have a chance to be ‘Virtual Tour Guides’ showing parents of prospective pupils around the school. 

The Year Sixes have embraced the online homework which has been set for them so far. We are using ‘Spelling Frame’, ‘’, ‘Maths Factor’ as well as continuing to use ‘Seesaw’ for home learning. 

The Year Sixes are avid readers who are keen to share and recommend books to their peers. One way of doing this is to create a short book review video which is posted and printed off from seesaw. To help with their decision making on the next book to read, the children can watch these videos as well as look at the Bookflix Board to see which books are trending in year six (see picture below). 

We have talked a lot about fixed and growth mindsets at the beginning of term, and the children are aware of areas of school life where they want to adopt a growth mindset towards, whether it be persevering with fractions, handwriting, or adopting a ‘can do’ attitude. Remember that ‘Your best is good enough’. Have a look at the photos below. 

Already this term in science, the class have been enthusiastically investigating the topic of Light. Each lesson starts with the BIG QUESTION where the class investigate and explore through the process of MODELLING. For example, when the class were given the big question of ‘How do we see?’ they were given a torch, shoebox and scissors to create a model to demonstrate the answer to this question. Their explanations were recorded by the children in an app called SEESAW.

Our topic this term is WW2 and the children have been enjoying sharing their knowledge of this historic event. We are looking forward to sharing our projects very soon.

See the link below for information about the 2017 national curriculum tests