Class 5H


This week in 5H we have started to use our class computers to do some research on our topic. We aren't using the computer suite yet, but with the classroom computer resources we have we can still do some useful work.  We started off by looking up some answers to questions about the start of the Tudor period. We learned that putting "for kids" at the end of a question directed google to much easier websites for children to use and find information from. The children were also a bit surprised that I described the "iPad" as a computer. They learned that computers take many forms, including hidden ones in domestic machinery. 

Year 5H get off to a good New Start

In these first two days back we have crammed in lots of activities aimed at making the feel children welcome, safe and relaxed in our classroom learning environment and their Year Group “Bubble”

We’ve had discussions about issues such as: good hygiene, living safely in our bubble, some daily routines like Word of the Day and Morning Starters, as well as living with our Class Cat – Theo. We also discussed what good Learning Behaviours might be in our class, and some key ones were presented to the class. We also talked about having a Growth Mind Set and welcoming each other’s mistakes and errors as really important parts of helping the whole class with deeper learning.  

We wrote a self-profile with a self-portrait, and the children then wrote four good things and four interesting things about their partner in class, interviewing their partner to find out the information. The children loved sharing these with the rest of the class.

In maths we started to look at place value within larger numbers up to 10,000. We used Place Value Grids and digit cards to play a game.

To get the children reading and working together, we worked in groups of six to practice and perform a short play together and then they performed it to other members of the class. Lots of expression and great acting were on display, as well as team work. The children then did a Reading Comprehension activity linked to the text.

We did some other fun activities, such as learning about and listening to the Canadian rock group called Rush while we ate our lunch in class, prior to going out to play. In particular we watched their very famous drummer – Neil Peart do an amazing drum solo.  We watched Rush perform in 1969 and in 2009 to see how the band members had changed in appearance as they aged! We also watched the original Riverdance performed at the Irish Eurovision in 1994 and then watched some of Michael Flatley’s performance in “ Feet of Flames “ in 1998. The children absolutely loved and were awed by some of the Irish Dancing and music they saw and heard.

We used a picture stimulus for the children to Free Write. This gave the children the opportunity to write with no inhibitions or constraints. The children loved discussing the picture and then making up their stories or parts of a story.

To get us thinking about some basic SPaG (spelling and grammar), we worked on correcting ( editing ) a text with a few mistakes and missing punctuation in it ! This was a nice way to re-introduce and revise some of the learning from Year 4, and practise our best handwriting !

Whole School Assembly was done with Zoom. So we listened to Mr Payne address the whole school with announcements and celebrating birthdays this week.