Class 4EH

In 4EH we pride ourselves on being inquisitive, positive, independent learners. We love to record and upload our work to our online learning journal (Seesaw) for our classmates and family to see. We decide what we would like to learn about next by discussing our interests and ideas as a class.

To find out more about some of the things we are learning as part of our current topic ‘Invaders are Coming’ click on this term's curriculum map below. Much of our work is practical and cross-curricular which enables us to make strong links between different areas of our learning.

We love stories. In order to learn a new story we use the story telling approach of hear, map, step, speak. We consider ourselves quite the story telling experts! We also use this approach for learning historical and scientific stories. A fantastic plethora of stories can be found at

We love to learn new words and expand our vocabularies at any opportunity. We explore a different word each day using resources from ‘Vocabulary Ninja’. You can view the Shinobi (KS2) word of the day using the ‘Word of the Day’ app at home or by visiting

We call our class the 4EH family. We are a close-knit group who strive to support and encourage each other in all areas of school life. We foster a Growth Mindset approach and encourage each other to learn with a can-do attitude. We often positively critique each other’s ideas and work in order to progress further in our learning.

You will regularly hear singing and music coming from our classroom. We sometimes even have a musical register where we show off our street dance moves!

We’re looking forward to more creating, investigating and developing on our learning journey in Year 4.

Miss Elam, Mrs. Holme, Miss Gore, Mrs. Fletcher, Mrs.Webb and all of 4EH!