Class 1M

Welcome to 1M!

I just want to start off by saying how amazed I am with the 1M family, they have settled back into school life with ease and adapting to the new routine brilliantly! Well done 1M family!

In year 1 we will be developing, and deepening skills learned in reception, as many children may have missed these important skills in reception. We have been, and continue, to assess the children to identify weaknesses and strengths which we can build upon for future learning. In year 1, we are very fortunate to be able to teach through continuous provision, where children learn through play. We will still have teaching focus lessons for each subject and then independent tasks linking to this. Children will continue to build upon the teaching through ‘independent learning’, play. This way, they can implement, investigate and problem solve the teaching in their own unique style.

For our first focus this term, I thought that the children would like to continue the last topic in reception and build upon this. We are looking at minibeasts and animals, including humans, and so far, the children have loved it! We have looked at the different species, what is classed as an insect, gone on minibeast hunts, matched facts to each minibeast and read lots of minibeast stories.

We are also looking at our local area during Geography and History. We will be looking at historical facts about our local area, how our local area has changed over time and thinking about what it could look like in the future. Continuing with our local area theme, for Geography, we are discussing ‘Where are we?’ We have looked at the importance and purpose of an address whilst identifying what each line means. We will be looking at where we are locally and worldwide. We will compare the differences and similarities between different places.

I know we have and will continue having an amazing time with our year 1 family, with lots of exciting and fun packed learning taking place.