Class 1AW

We have got off to a fabulous start in 1AW and the children have transitioned really well into their new surroundings.

Our topic of Wild Wood has led our learning in so many directions already! We have become avid scientists, making scientific observation and thinking of questions we would like to research. We have begun to explore our school grounds and think about the different animals we might discover here. We have looked at maps and aerial photographs of the school and Witney and we made our own class map. We have created some fabulous observational drawings of flowers while naming different parts of plants and we have loved exploring the human body.

While exploring our key text, Pumpkin Soup, we have learnt how to step and map a story and we have explored the thoughts and feelings of the characters in the book. We have also become environmental activists whilst learning about plastic pollution. We have written to MacDonalds to ask them to stop using plastic toys and we have built a sculpture from plastic to show people just how much waste we produce in a single day.

On top of this we have done lots and lots of independent learning, or exploring, as we like to call it. We are all looking forward to our trip to Batsford Arboretum where we hope to develop our science and map reading skills even further.