An Outstanding Reading School

An Outstanding Reading School

At The Batt School we:

  • Place reading and books at the centre of the curriculum.


  • Recognise that being able to read well is a key life skill for children, whatever their background.


  • Believe that every child can learn to read with the right teaching and support.


  • Acknowledge that not all children will have had the opportunity to develop a love of reading at home, so this has to be taught and encouraged at school.


  • Build time for all children to read independently, read aloud and be read to during the school day.


  • Develop a coherent whole-school strategy for promoting reading for pleasure.


  • Spend money and time to support reading, including buying books and developing the school environment to support reading.


  • Believe that every teacher and support staff should be an advocate for reading.


  • Devote time to training staff so that they are equipped to support children’s enjoyment of reading.


  • Involve parents to ensure that the culture of reading that the school has developed extends into the home.


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